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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Ideal Trucking Job

There is a high demand for truckers and, therefore, it is easy for qualified truckers to find work. Nevertheless, some researchers estimate that up to 15 % of drivers, even those with years of experience, are disqualified when they try to apply for a trucking job. Why are truckers turned away, when the demand for truckers is so great? It's to do with being structured.

Being prepared and knowing what you need to know when searching for a trucking job is the key to landing the job. In most cases, truckers and trucking recruiters begin the selection process by speaking with a trucking recruiter. Most recruiters work for a single company, so it's a good idea to go around and look for several different jobs to find the one you are best suited to. In case you do talk with a selection of recruiters, make sure to take notes so that you are able to keep an eye on who said what.

When you are looking for a trucking job, you should never lie to the recruiter. The truth is going to come out in due course and it's a lot better you be totally truthful from the start, even in case it means divulging some bad info, than to lie and get caught for it later. Recruiters are going to ask you for a number of info, so make sure you keep following on hand:

- A current, non-expired CDL with an exact home address

- A summary of your work history for a minimum of the last three years (some employers might want five or 10 years of experience). If you were unemployed during this time, you will have to offer solid professional references to support your claim.

- Contact information for each of your former employers.

- Evidence of your work history, such as old W2 tax returns, reference letters, or DOT numbers. If the company you worked for previously has gone out of business, this information will be extremely helpful.

A photocopy of your driving history or MVR.

Proof that you are eligible to work in the United States. Be aware that you will be required to submit an I-9 form if you are hired, and they will require this documentation to verify your eligibility.

New Homeland Security rules require that al commercial truckers go through a background check just before getting employed. As part of the examination, businesses will pull some criminal records and copies of your Motor vehicle Driving history from all states where you've a drivers license (commercial or non-commercial). You'll also be asked to provide them with a copy of your DAC report, that'll detail your previous driving tasks, any accidents you've had and also any complaints you have had with your current employer.

Whenever you find something questionable on your record, tell the recruiter that you will disclose it as soon as possible. Being proactive and professional upfront is far better than having the recruiter leak some bad information by themselves. A possible employer will have to find out about any incidents, or accidents, for more than the previous 3 years. Make sure to keep all incident records, which includes crash reports as well as tickets, so you are able to supply this information in case needed.

If offered a job, the majority of reputable businesses will also require you take a drug test. So, be ready to test the waters for drugs, and also make sure that you are drug free. Your offer is going to be contingent upon the good outcomes of the examination.

In case there's something about your past (or current) medical condition that could raise concerns about your capability to do your responsibilities as a trucker, be ready to show a physicians note that releases you to work. By law, recruiters are not allowed to question you about your health before they offer you a job, but if you are unable to demonstrate your capability to do the job, the offer can be canceled. If you are undergoing any type of medical procedure or are taking a prescription medication, it is very likely that you will be required to produce a medical release to allow you to drive a commercial tractor trailer.

Once you receive an offer, be prepared to pass a road test and pass the required DOT physical exam. In case you have not been behind the controls in some time, be sure you brush up on your driving abilities. You won't get a second test to take the test in case you forget it so you would like to be clear the first time to walk into the companys cab.

Although it can be a tedious and long process to find a trucking job, you will eventually get a great salary. Congratulations, then, if you made it through all these steps successfully. You have been hired!

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